Davide Palummo

Davide is CEO of Talento Plus, an Italian e-learning firm. Prior to founding the company with a group of old collegues and new partners, Davide was for +11 years Sales Manager of eXact Learning Solutions (better known before as Giunti Labs) and for +8 years Sales Manager of CM Sistemi. In all these years Davide deal with the development of business opportunities in ICT area for HR management. He focused on emerging technologies to support digital strategies for learning and communication. Davide is a keynote speaker and writer: he partecipated to a lot of public events and web discussions speaking about mobile and social learning, gamification and storytelling.

Artículos de Davide Palummo

It is surprising, however, to find out how many consultancy firms are still tied to traditional models and have none, if not sporadically, activated digital proposals: this is the bad news.