LearningMEX 2016, conclusions


On March 2nd, we participated in LearningMEX 2016, leading event that brings together training professionals in Mexico City from all over the country giving us the opportunity to meet and discuss innovations and trends in the e-learning sector.


This year, it was a pleasure to introduce Netex platform learningCloud, and our Gamification solution, learningPlay.

Netex learningCloud, much more than an LMS

One of the common scenarios in large organisations is the global adoption of a corporate learning management platform. Whilst this is a huge advantage in uniformity and investment, it shows little flexibility and dynaminism, based on feedback from several attendees with whom we had the opportunity to interact.


Not just any gaming solution

A trend that has captured the interest of organisations for some time now, specifically in the areas of training and development, is gamification.

Several participants shared with us their concern for finding alternative content to promote participation and motivation of users and students when they “already have seen it all”, or when it comes to cross training at all levels of the company but attention and commitment are inconsistent.

learningPlay is our innovative gamification tool, thanks to which you can set the conditions for a comprehensive strategy by assigning customisable achievements, points and badges (from content to an LMS platform).

This tool takes gaming dynamics beyond a lively multiple choice questionnaire. Nor is a sophisticated and costly development that runs only on its own content. learningPlay is a solution that solves the need to integrate a playful element to specific content, but also allows the design of an initiative that goes beyond the content to articulate the different components of training and settle the success.

This way, it is possible to attend successful induction plans, promote healthy competition between areas with common objectives, or create a training record expressed in badges and medals. In short, the possibilities are endless.


Our presence in LearningMEX 2016 included a demo of these two products in which we showed participants the functionality and ease of use of these two tools.

LearningMEX was a great opportunity to listen to different market needs, to simulate scenarios and design possible solutions and, as always, to share Netex expertise through our products and services.


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