Elearning Trends in Mexico: Microlearning and Platform Interoperability


On March 22, HR Evolution took place at Centro Citibanamex in Mexico City, an event that brings together L&D professionals in Mexico, where attendees have the opportunity to learn about and analyze the latest news and trends in elearning. Among them, Carlos Ezquerro, CEO of Netex, presented his vision of how microlearning can be the tool that facilitates the dissemination of knowledge in the company, based on speed and accessibility.

Video content, lasting no longer than five minutes, in which the internal expert of the organisation explains very specific issues, are having good acceptance and offering great results.

In the panel of experts “Putting the experience of collaborators at the center of corporate training”, Carlos emphasized the importance of creating content that is attractive for the “internal clients” of organisations. The content must be accessible from any device and should be brief. Video content, lasting no longer than five minutes, in which the subject matter expert within the organisation explains very specific facts, are experiencing great results .

During the event, I could see the interest of many attendees to find alternative content that can be consumed in a short time, in a simple way and on any device. The solution is not only pedagogical but also technological: tools capable of integrating with third-party platforms are needed, thus facilitating interoperability between applications from different manufacturers (Google Analytics, Kaltura, Anders Pink, OpenSesame …), and able to offer its content easily to the user, adapting to their preferences. Elearning needs to transcend the LMS to offer users an authentic learning ecosystem.ma formativo.


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Rodrigo López Cantero

México Country Manager. Systems Engineer with over 10 years experience in the design, production and implementation of eLearning strategies for clients such as Banamex, Gepp, FEMSA, Banorte, Seguros Monterrey, Scotiabank among others.