LT2017: how to be part of learning in the new age


Learning Technologies was certainly bigger and probably better than ever in 2017. Certainly, the stands were bigger. But it was also clear the industry has moved on in terms of innovation and technologies. The exhibition revealed a wider variety of products than ever before with new platforms for gamification, virtual world learning and micro-learning on show. Existing vendors were also not to be outdone with much talk about new integration solutions.

Particularly noticeable was the effect of the new learning standards. Looking around at the new technologies on display, it seems that the old SCORM solutions, whilst still respected, are finally being swept aside if you’re to be part of learning in the new age. Today’s new solutions are all about making gamification happen, interoperability and micro-learning.

This was certainly the experience on the Netex stand. Learning Stories created a huge amount of interest. There was real interest in its structural gamification methodology, prompted in part, no doubt, by Mike Byrne’s seminar. We asked Mike his view on the big changes at the show; he suggested that we are moving into a transitional time in learning. As mobile has become more of a lifestyle choice, it is influencing us as learners prompting us to change our consumption habits away from the traditional course formats. Hear more in the video below.

Perhaps the biggest event on the Netex stand was when Stephen Walsh came over to explain more about the new partnership with his organisation Anders Pink. He revealed how the Anders Pink content is able to curate learning materials from the whole of the web keeping learners current with latest developments. Hear more about this in the video below.

Finally, we were also really pleased to catch up with Netex development director Jose Martin who helped us with one of the most complicated but most important subjects we’ve been looking at across the whole of the show. That is interoperability standards and what they bring to learning and more specifically learningCloud. You can catch up with this revealing video below.

If the Netex experience of Learning Technologies is anything to go by, then this show was certainly the best yet, though more exhausting than ever. If that weren’t enough, after the show closed we were then onto the LPI Learning Awards where, if you haven’t already heard, Learning Stories picked up yet another product of the year award! All in all, a tiring but most rewarding couple of days.


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Martin Belton

Martin is a director of Ascot Communications, one of the UK’s leading consultancies working with learning technology organisations. He has presented on stages as far afield as Tokyo and Los Angeles and authored more papers on elearning and IT than he, or anyone else, cares to remember.