Martin Belton

Martin is a director of Ascot Communications, one of the UK’s leading consultancies working with learning technology organisations. He has presented on stages as far afield as Tokyo and Los Angeles and authored more papers on elearning and IT than he, or anyone else, cares to remember.

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The late and legendary author of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams once said, “A learning experience is one of those things that says, ‘You know that thing you just did? Don’t do that.”
But what exactly constitutes microlearning, beyond content delivered in 1-5 minutes bursts? Microlearning was conceived as a solution for just-in-time training and performance support. But it can also be applied to long term learning programmes. Exponents claim that delivering learning content in bite-size chunks and drip feeding it over
During his webinar on next generation learning platforms, Country Manager Mike Byrne highlighted some of the key drivers that will shape these systems. Notably he started by spotlighting changing learner needs and consumerisation of learning, issues which are in many ways connected.
Structural gamification’s continual, real-time assessment of progress provides important information to both the learner and the administrators as learners complete portions of content, take quizzes to gauge knowledge acquisition and move toward the prescribed educational goals. The continual assessment of progress helps identify strengths and weaknesses.
Many still see gamification as an emerging technology. Something that people like me talk about but doesn’t really make an impact on their working lives. This is quite revealing. Gamification has been with us as solution for motivating learners for some years now. So what’s the hold up?
From the Shakespeare's Globe in London, a reflection on the art of storytelling and e-learning, by Will Storr, Ed Monk and Mike Byrne.
Gamification has taken a new turn – one which people can hardly have failed to notice – with Pokémon Go. Much has been said about the way it has motivated people to walk in search of the Pokémon rewards. Clear evidence, were any needed, of the power of gamification to
We hope you find this infographic useful and interesting. But most of all, we hope it helps you realise the real life benefits of elearning gamification and supports any plans you have to make it part of your own learning solutions