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Changing LMS can be daunting. Our article explores common fears around changing LMSs, and what can be done to help make the migration process easier.
AI and gamification are a powerful pair in L&D. How can they transform our training programmes? Read our article to find out more.
Why is quality in Computer Engineering always a feature to be sacrificed when we are short of time/money? It is curious how, in other branches of Engineering, nobody would question the importance of quality. There is a sentence that a professor of Quality, Safety and Auditing told us during a
We live in the future and we haven't realised it; the constant urge to live in a futuristic way makes it difficult for us to see the current scenario with a certain perspective because it has arrived gradually.
Josh Bersin recently said in an article that the LXP (Learning Experience Platform) or NGLE (Next Generation Learning Environments) market is growing so fast that it is too big to ignore.
"Dealing with everything means losing relevance". Success in software development is in the specialisation. My leiv motiv when facing the development of a product is "Focus on what you do best, and join the best in their field."
In part one of this blog series I explored the changing digital landscape affecting L&D professionals today and relevance of traditional learning methodologies to the modern learner, if you missed this article you can review it here. In this follow-up piece, I want to start to take a look at
The concept of interoperability of systems is not new at all. For decades, it is a line of action sought and desired in areas such as transport or public administrations, with more or less happy results. No need for a judicious analysis, not a long dissertation about lofty concepts to
During his webinar on next generation learning platforms, Country Manager Mike Byrne highlighted some of the key drivers that will shape these systems. Notably he started by spotlighting changing learner needs and consumerisation of learning, issues which are in many ways connected.