Sergio Sotelo

More than 25 years of professional experience in technology consulting solutions business oriented, in various countries, both in mature environments as well in startups. Leading multidisciplinary teams for the design, development and implementation of innovative digital business projects, as well as people Development, Change Management and Collaboration programs.

Artículos de Sergio Sotelo

The word ‘experience’ has become very popular these days. You can buy travel experience packages, go to food experience places, and try out sports experience as well. Experiences have something in common: they go further than the usual thing.
We live in the future and we haven't realised it; the constant urge to live in a futuristic way makes it difficult for us to see the current scenario with a certain perspective because it has arrived gradually.
Large organisations are empowering middle managers to help people in their professional development and defining their own goals in terms of performance. These practices require coaching to help people in the short term and in the medium term.