The growing case for gamification


The evidence that gamification is a growing trend is unavoidable. This new infographic neatly reveals just how widespread this evidence is. In case you’re wondering why it’s growing so quickly, the benefits are also here. A close look at the infographic reveals they are clear and reasonable. The question therefore isn’t really whether gamification is ready for us. It’s whether we’re ready for it!

Learning professionals are now asking how they can apply these concepts into their real work environment. So that’s why we’ve also included the stats from our own research revealing the challenges that implementing learning gamification can throw down.

Netex 2016 Gamification Infographic

If I had to pick one piece of information from this graphic here as a key ‘take away’, it’s this: the biggest gamification challenge for most organisations is not that their content is unsuitable. It’s that their learning platform can’t support it. The good news though is that it is much easier (and almost certainly cheaper) to introduce a new gamification platform than replace your learning content. Cloud platform solutions like learningPlay are flexible and easy to implement. They will enhance your existing content solutions rather than devalue them.

We hope you find this infographic useful and interesting. But most of all, we hope it helps you realise the real life benefits of eLearning gamification and supports any plans you have to make it part of your own learning solutions.


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Martin Belton

Martin is a director of Ascot Communications, one of the UK’s leading consultancies working with learning technology organisations. He has presented on stages as far afield as Tokyo and Los Angeles and authored more papers on elearning and IT than he, or anyone else, cares to remember.