i-love learning 2019 brings together in Madrid several of the most important figures in the international elearning scene



On February 15th, Netex held its annual i-love learning meeting at the Gabriela Mistral Auditorium of Casa de América in Madrid, where the latest developments in terms of technology and trends applied to learning were discussed.

In its seventh edition, the event brought together about 250 Human Resources and Training managers of at least 125 national and international companies there to listen to four industry experts from the training and elearning sector.

i-love learning began with the introduction of Eva Astorga, head of KPMG Digital Transformation Academy at KPMG Spain, who for the second consecutive year acted as master of ceremonies.

In her opening speech, Astorga highlighted the importance of self-learning and the development of digital skills in the fourth industrial revolution, as well as the four characteristics of the biological brain versus artificial intelligence that can constitute a differential competitive advantage of people with respect to machines.

The first presentation was led by David Wilson, CEO of Fosway Group, leading analyst of the human resources industry in Europe. During his keynote lecture “Is L&D fit for the future? Today’s technology vs tomorrow’s transformation”, David Wilson shared new data from Fosway’s research on Digital Learning Realities in 2019 and delved into the key factors and trends we must follow to achieve an adequate management of innovation in the digital learning that allows Learning departments to adaptat for the future. Wilson stressed the need to know what new features or technologies to choose and implement according to the degree of digital maturity of each company.

Next, Sumedh Kasare, Product Manager and Innovation Strategist at Netex, explained the importance of “Applying Design Thinking in L&D”. Speaking about the different challenges that the Learning departments face today, such as learner engagement, the shrinking half-life of knowledge, measuring success and proving the impact of learning, among others, and how to use creative thinking to develop a learner-centric L&D strategy.

After the coffee break, sponsored by Santillana, an excellent time for networking, there was a brief communication from Carlos Ezquerro, CEO of Netex Learning, who reflected on the New Generation LMSs and the position and strategy that the companies will be able to carry out to replace or coexist with traditional LMSs continuing as pure management tools.

Afterwards, we heard Juan Ignacio Echeverría, Human Resources Executive Director at Banco Santander México, who presented the success story of their Academy with his presentation “Learning experiences: a key to transform organisations”. Juan Ignacio shared with the attendees the transformation journey in the learning experience encountered by the financial institution. Developing through its Academy, a flexible model to respond to the learning needs of bank professionals –encouraging self-learning and the self-realisation of people, thus making Santander Mexico one of the best places to work.

The audios were especially interesting as a testimony of the employees themselves, who valued the contribution of the knowledge acquired both to their professional development and their personal life.


Next, the social project ProFuturo, an initiative promoted by Fundación Telefónica and “la Caixa” Banking Foundation, received Netex’s recognition for bringing digital education to children from vulnerable environments, which has already benefited around 5.8 million from 23 countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

The closing topic was presented by Álex Rovira, writer, lecturer and expert in Leadership Psychology. In his presentation “Talent, Culture and Transformation”, Alex connected these three universes, key in all learning processes, and provided an innovative model and reference framework for the systemic drive of Talent and Individual Culture and the organisation for collective transformation.


The event concluded with a cocktail from Ramón Freixa Catering menu in the chambers and ballrooms of the Palacio de Linares, a truly exceptional location that gave the opportunity for attendees to exchange impressions, experiences and opinions, between them and with the speakers. The icing on the cake for one of the most anticipated events of the year for the whole Learning and Professional Development sector, which is already preparing its eighth edition.

Thanks for being part of the i-love learning family! See you next February 14th!


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