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The impact of COVID-19 is not over. As much of the world emerges from lock down and begins to return to work, we will find it has changed. And not just physically. Yes, we may have to be distant at work, and not socialize in the same ways in the
Last February 14th, I had the pleasure and the honor to be invited by Netex to their i-love learning event. I was asked to talk about our journey of Santander to become a learning organization, as a key enabler of the strategic aim to transform ourselves into the “best open
En el evento se habló del pasado, del presente y del futuro: de casos reales que se están desarrollando en diferentes empresas, de historias inspiracionales que nos fuerzan a salir de nuestra zona de confort, y de las tendencias que hoy algunas compañías están empezando a implementar y que mañana
In its seventh edition, the event brought together about 250 Human Resources and Training managers of at least 125 national and international companies there to listen to four industry experts from the training and elearning sector.
Some day you have to implement a change. This can be within a company, in your family or in a community of neighbors. If the change is very desired, you may not have much resistance. The problem arises when the rest do not see or understand the problem or when
It's a month today after the i-love learning 2017 event in Madrid. Following the “hangover” of this intense day focused on trends and future of e-learning, Ed Monk and Will Storr, two of the keynote speakers, offer a brief reflections on the themes of their respective conferences.