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Innovative Learning Technologies: We apply new technologies to the training world. We want to break all the barriers with accessible and simple solutions to make digital training part of the natural learning process of our users.

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Held last Friday at Casa de América in Madrid, the summit saw over 200 L&D professionals come together for a unique event where leading voices in the field shared insights and experiences on trends shaping the future of corporate training.
Onboarding is any important part of any recruitment process. But with hybrid working on the rise, onboarding programmes need to be adapted to take in this new way of working. Our article offers tips and advice to help you do just that.
What is social learning and how does it fit into our L&D strategies? Our article aims to answer these questions and more. We explain what social learning is and suggest how social learning can be introduced into an organisation.
Discover how technology can transform your complex training needs. We outline benefits, and share examples that illustrate how it can be done.
Want to create workplace training that changes behaviour? Here are our six top tips to help you do just that!
Learning environments can affect concentration, memory and performance. Our article will teach you how to create a good learning environment.
One of the reasons people are leaving their jobs is due to a lack of investment from the business in their training and development. People don’t feel there is any career progression or support to help them develop their skills.
Stakeholder engagement is always tricky when it comes to digital training. This article provides tips to help you overcome this challenge.
Holding it on Valentine’s Day was no coincidence. Love was why we were there: to celebrate and share our love of learning with likeminded L&D professionals and experts.
In its seventh edition, the event brought together about 250 Human Resources and Training managers of at least 125 national and international companies there to listen to four industry experts from the training and elearning sector.
It's a month today after the i-love learning 2017 event in Madrid. Following the “hangover” of this intense day focused on trends and future of e-learning, Ed Monk and Will Storr, two of the keynote speakers, offer a brief reflections on the themes of their respective conferences.
For the first time in the UK, i-love learning brings an opportunity to gather with key industry professionals and delve into the latest innovations, to spark life into your learning programmes. The world’s most iconic stage, the magnificent Shakespeare’s Globe, will inspire a star-studded cast delivering an agenda divided into
On Thursday June 9th we celebrated the 2016 Mexico edition of i-love learning and the highlight of the event were three presentation addressing some of the most pressing issues in the eLearning industry today.
We are with Concha Roldán, Global Manager for Digital Projects at Grupo Santillana and we would like to ask you about how Santillana is using Netex learningMaker tool.
Francisco Prior and Carlos San José give us an interview in which we unravel the new challenges and opportunities that publishing houses are facing.