i-love learning crosses the pond


On Thursday June 9th we celebrated the 2016 Mexico edition of i-love learning and we are very excited about starting an adventure for eLearning lovers on this side of the pond.

The event


Rodrigo Lopez and the rest of Netex  delegation, held an intense day of discussuions on the latest trends and developments in the industry, in the setting of the fantastic Hotel W, Mexico City.

The highlight of the event were three presentation addressing some of the most pressing issues in the eLearning industry today.

In the first presentation, Marco Antonio Carbajal showed us how to create a successful and efficient content strategy, focusing on the Santander success story.

José Manuel Martín

Then José Manuel Martín explained the tremendous advantages that interoperability and its associated technologies has for corporate training.

And finally, Dulce Ortiz engaged everyone with a very interesting talk on the implementation of m-learning strategies through gamified experiences, in environments with Internet connection difficulties.

Follow-up discussions and our post show survey showed that the topics presented were of great interest and of particular relevance to the L&D issues faced by organisations today.

Some of the most intensely debated topics were on; creating content suitable to different standards and devices, the increasing proliferation of mobile devices whether inside and outside the work environment. The inclusion of personal initiatives and lateral interests in the training plans and the everlasting problem of employee motivation are all matters of great interest to our guests. Therefore we want to continue sharing and discussing our personal view on these training opportunities.

The gathering continues


One of the commitments made in i-love learning Mexico 2016 was the creation of spaces for diffusion, enrichment and discussion beyond the physical event. In response to this we have created our summer webinar series (a replica to those offered by Mike Byrne to our English speaking audience), whose first meeting, held on July 20, reviews a key training concept: storytelling and applied gamification. In the following event, on July 27, we will discuss how the latest version of learningCloud supports some of the latest trends in the learning platform space – disconnected learning, mLearning, social learning and interoperability (LTI)

Finally, due to the success and acceptance of the initiative, we are already working on our next meeting for true eLearning lovers. See you soon!


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