Sumedh Kasare

He is a Product Manager and Innovation Strategist for the award-winning platform learningCloud. He has more than 12 years of experience in providing learning solutions in diverse domains ranging from academics to aviation. A post-graduate in Communication Studies, he is passionate about learner engagement strategies. He is also a Thespian and an Indie Filmmaker. Some of his short films and plays have garnered awards in national and international film and theatre festivals.

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15 thought leaders and experts of L&D industry who shared their insights about- Role of Marketing in L&D Initiatives, Learning Trends and Challenges of 2022, Microlearning and Agile Learning strategies to improve Learning Experiences and inspiring Success Stories
Microlearning is a disruptive learning strategy which goes way beyond content chunking. Microlearning is not a technological solution; it is a learning strategy and needs to be implemented as one.
Behavioural change is the biggest indicator of successful learning and is the hardest to achieve. In the case of soft skills training, compliance training, even sales training, a behavioural change should be the expected output and not just completion of the training.
Corporate learning follows the assembly-line linearity of Packaging and Delivering. You package learning and deliver it to the learners. Once the learners consume the package, label them with suitable qualification. This model is based on qualification criteria and does not care much about the performance of the learner.
The traditional publishing is taking a backseat these days. Publishers are looking out for avenues to target the new market and make their titles portable with the new consumption patterns and devices. An Interactive Book App can be a great solution for publishers to tap the Tablet/Smartphone market by converting