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Held last Friday at Casa de América in Madrid, the summit saw over 200 L&D professionals come together for a unique event where leading voices in the field shared insights and experiences on trends shaping the future of corporate training.
In this article, I will highlight some important factors you need to take into account when creating a Learning Ecosystem, factors that are focused around people-centred innovation. Focus on these and you will find that not only will the investment pay off, but it will also kick-start the growth mindset
Holding it on Valentine’s Day was no coincidence. Love was why we were there: to celebrate and share our love of learning with likeminded L&D professionals and experts.
I can’t think of a time in the last 30 years when there was so much change and challenge in the world. Perhaps there was for my parents and grandparents, but in my working lifetime we seem to have stepped into a new era, one in which the term
15 thought leaders and experts of L&D industry who shared their insights about- Role of Marketing in L&D Initiatives, Learning Trends and Challenges of 2022, Microlearning and Agile Learning strategies to improve Learning Experiences and inspiring Success Stories