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Is it time for L&D and Operations to re-think how they work together? Our article explores this hot topic and provides useful insights into how L&D and Operations can work together to create training programmes that truly make a difference.
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Onboarding is any important part of any recruitment process. But with hybrid working on the rise, onboarding programmes need to be adapted to take in this new way of working. Our article offers tips and advice to help you do just that.
Learning environments can affect concentration, memory and performance. Our article will teach you how to create a good learning environment.
In workplace training, L&D professionals are moving away from content-led learning to experience-led learning. But why? What does experience-led learning look like, and what has been the driving force behind it? How does the business's needs fit into it? Our article explores these questions.
It's a month today after the i-love learning 2017 event in Madrid. Following the “hangover” of this intense day focused on trends and future of e-learning, Ed Monk and Will Storr, two of the keynote speakers, offer a brief reflections on the themes of their respective conferences.
Many still see gamification as an emerging technology. Something that people like me talk about but doesn’t really make an impact on their working lives. This is quite revealing. Gamification has been with us as solution for motivating learners for some years now. So what’s the hold up?
Gamification has taken a new turn – one which people can hardly have failed to notice – with Pokémon Go. Much has been said about the way it has motivated people to walk in search of the Pokémon rewards. Clear evidence, were any needed, of the power of gamification to