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Structural gamification’s continual, real-time assessment of progress provides important information to both the learner and the administrators as learners complete portions of content, take quizzes to gauge knowledge acquisition and move toward the prescribed educational goals. The continual assessment of progress helps identify strengths and weaknesses.
It is estimated that the e-learning market in 2023 will surpass $240Billion, an increase of 5% per year in the period 2016-2023. The SMAC approach (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud) has helped more and more companies to see in e-learning a solution that is compatible with their needs at budget level
We are with Concha Roldán, Global Manager for Digital Projects at Grupo Santillana and we would like to ask you about how Santillana is using Netex learningMaker tool.
Liliana Meneses, Educational Strategy and Development Manager at Banco Santander, gave us with this interview a few minutes to explain some of the key factors that have led to the successful collaboration between Netex and Santander Mexico.