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But what exactly constitutes microlearning, beyond content delivered in 1-5 minutes bursts? Microlearning was conceived as a solution for just-in-time training and performance support. But it can also be applied to long term learning programmes. Exponents claim that delivering learning content in bite-size chunks and drip feeding it over
In part one of this blog series I explored the changing digital landscape affecting L&D professionals today and relevance of traditional learning methodologies to the modern learner, if you missed this article you can review it here. In this follow-up piece, I want to start to take a look at
“Consumerisation is the specific impact that consumer-originated technologies can have on enterprises. It reflects how enterprises will be affected by, and can take advantage of, new technologies and models that originate and develop in the consumer space, rather than in the enterprise IT sector.”
The concept of interoperability of systems is not new at all. For decades, it is a line of action sought and desired in areas such as transport or public administrations, with more or less happy results. No need for a judicious analysis, not a long dissertation about lofty concepts to
During his webinar on next generation learning platforms, Country Manager Mike Byrne highlighted some of the key drivers that will shape these systems. Notably he started by spotlighting changing learner needs and consumerisation of learning, issues which are in many ways connected.
It's a month today after the i-love learning 2017 event in Madrid. Following the “hangover” of this intense day focused on trends and future of e-learning, Ed Monk and Will Storr, two of the keynote speakers, offer a brief reflections on the themes of their respective conferences.
It is estimated that the e-learning market in 2023 will surpass $240Billion, an increase of 5% per year in the period 2016-2023. The SMAC approach (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud) has helped more and more companies to see in e-learning a solution that is compatible with their needs at budget level
For the first time in the UK, i-love learning brings an opportunity to gather with key industry professionals and delve into the latest innovations, to spark life into your learning programmes. The world’s most iconic stage, the magnificent Shakespeare’s Globe, will inspire a star-studded cast delivering an agenda divided into
We are with Concha Roldán, Global Manager for Digital Projects at Grupo Santillana and we would like to ask you about how Santillana is using Netex learningMaker tool.
Liliana Meneses, Educational Strategy and Development Manager at Banco Santander, gave us with this interview a few minutes to explain some of the key factors that have led to the successful collaboration between Netex and Santander Mexico.
Martin Adisson, CEO in Video Arts, explains the use of video in e-learning and the results of having merged Video Arts materials with Netex learningCoffee.